I couldn’t have asked for more in the way that the sale of my home was conducted and I would highly recommend Leslie F. Jones to friends. My selection was based on trust, since Leslie is from the Carrollton Sacred Heart community and had mentored my daughter in high school. She is also a Coconut Grove native and knows the community well….I am trully satisfied and grateful for Leslie’s professionalism, honesty and caring.

Meg Del Valle, Leslie’s partner at EWM, also proved a trustworthy professional who further enhanced my satisfaction with the sale of my home. Throughout the sales process, both Leslie and Meg were there offering their help for everything from staging to packing to offering to assist with errands required for the sale or advice regarding utility turn off dates and contact information and more too numerous to mention here.

I would not hesitate to call both Leslie and Meg my friends as well as my realtors.
I think I’ve said it all, I’m very happy!