Wsdot Supplemental Agreement

Contract 7530 opens a new window. – Memorandum of Understanding between the different cities of the Eastside on the planning, financing and implementation of a joint programme for the application and funding of human services. The agreement manages the supervision and payment of social services for the online portal. This type of agreement is likely to be used if the scope of work (quantity and type) can be clearly defined in advance. The agreement should specify when the service is to be provided within a certain period of time and when the lump sum payment is to be made. Changes to the scope of work and the management of reserve funds are not permitted with this method of payment. Non-discrimination requirements (October 1, 2020) Must be used for FHWA-funded projects if local WSDOT programs have given you a DBE goal. (2 fills) For e-mail addresses: Eastern Region – North Region – North-West Region – Olympic Region South-Central Region – South-West Region – All consultant contracts concluded from 12.1.14 onwards must use the following forms. Contract 8059 opens a new window. – Interlocal agreement for watersheds in the water resources inventory area 8 – WRIA 8 This type of agreement is likely to be used when the scope, scope, complexity, character or duration of the work cannot reasonably be determined in advance. Additional Eligibility Criteria (July 31, 2017) Requires pre-approval for projects funded by the FHWA through WSDOT and local programs. Use them if you have included additional project-specific criteria in your offer documents. If used, also use 1-02.1, 1-02.13, 1-02.14 Option C and 1-05.13.

Contract 7770 opens a new window. – Interlocal Financial Intelligence Services Agreement between the City of Redmond Police and the City of Bellevue, which acts as the managing authority of the Eastside Narcotics Task Force (E.N.T.F). This method requires constant and direct control of the time and class of employees used by the consultant. Contract 6622 Opens in new window. – The interlocal agreement between the City of Redmond and the City of Sammamish on the landscaping of part of the SR202 4667 contract opens a new window. – Hazardous Materials Response Unit and Teams with Eastside Cities and Fire Districts Contract 6369 Opens a new window. – Interlocal agreement with the City of Kirkland and surrounding towns for technical rescue operations. Contract 8064-4 Opens in a new window – Measurement and verification reports for the 2017 energy efficiency measures have been deleted as they do not apply to this Interagency Agreement Contract 4873 Opens in a new window.

– Interlocal agreement for regional economic development. . . . Contract 7350 opens a new window. – King County`s amended and reprocessed interlocal solid waste agreement until December 31, 2040, original contract no. 940 Contract 7520 opens a new window. – Washington State Department of Transportation, WSDOT, Local Agency Agreement Supplement No.

1 to WSDOT Agreement LA7982 for Federal Grant for 156 Ave. NE Street Preservation Overlay, Original City of Redmond Contract No. 7151 Contract 9379 – Washington State Department of Commerce Growth Management Services – E2SHB 1923 Subsidy for the Adoption of a Housing Action Plan. . . .