Flat Sale Agreement Format In Word

14. That Party No. 1 accepts that this contract of sale remains irrevocable and that Party No. 1 does not revoke or terminate it in any future. IMPORTANT: This is only a format of the proposed purchase agreement, for your specific requirements you can contact us for online creation based on your entries. A contract of sale (SPA) is a contract between the buyer and seller of real estate that obliges a buyer to buy and a seller to sell a product or service. SPAs are most often present in real estate transactions in order to conclude the interests of both parties before the conclusion of the transaction. The contract of sale generally applies to real estate such as the contract of sale of real estate or rental, the sale of apartments, the sale of houses, land, resale, etc. Both parties draw up a draft contract for the sale of real estate. As soon as they agree on the general conditions of sale, a registration of the sales contract is established. 3.

The agreed property/land is free from any type of charges. The property/land has no costs such as, sale, gift, mortgage, leasing, pledge, seizure, receivables, etc. 13. That Party No. 2 does not have to take any further action after receipt of the full underperformance of paragraph ———— of Party No. 2 and after Party No. 2 has paid/deposited the full balance, with the exception of that part when transmitted by Party No. 1, given that Party No. 2 is empowered to provide the instrument of transmission either by Party No. 1, or, if, on any date and at any limitation period, can be executed, the operation does not apply.

5. The seller bears all the costs that the costs of the deed of sale, NOC, etc. the property / land mentioned is taken care of by the seller of the NOC deed of sale, etc. The costs and other closing documents as well as the documents of the aforementioned property are the responsibility of the buyer. 5. This Part No. 1 acknowledges its responsibility that, in the event of charges or in the event of cancellation of the award, Party No. 1 admits its obligation to pay the amount of Rs.———————————————, with the exception of interest and damages suffered by Party No.2 and, apart from the reimbursement of the sum of Rs.——————————————————, paid on sale under this Agreement. 11. That Party No. 1 admits that it has no right, title, interest or concern of any kind in the above-mentioned dwelling. 2, that the aforementioned dwelling is exempt from all kinds of charges such as pre-sale, gifts, mortgages, disputes, litigation, suspension orders, seizures, communications, acquisition, royalties, pledges, guarantees, securities, HUF, Benami, property or other registered or unregistered charges, and if this fact is found differently, which excludes part or all of the above-mentioned dwelling from the hands of Party No.

2 t, then Part No. 1 will compensate for the damage suffered by Party No. 2. 12. Part 1 also exercised a general power in respect of that dwelling to conclude the sale after registration of the deed of transfer of the apartment in question in favour of him or in favour of his candidate. . . .