Domo Services Agreement

1) general services (“general services”) consisting of: (i) the list and publication of content related to the platform`s products; (ii) the offer to sell the goods on behalf of the seller; (iii) restricted customer service services; (iv) market review; v) the management of deliveries and returns; (vi) the collection, voting and execution of all proceeds of the sale as a payment asker for the seller; and vii) other services used for services; and two. additional services that may be provided to the Domo seller or to third parties. 1.7 “Professional Services” refers to professional services defined in a service contract that may include implementation and configuration services, advice and training, but are not limited. 3.3 Use restrictions. Unless otherwise stipulated in this Agreement or as expressly permitted by existing legislation, you will not authorize or authorize your affiliates or third parties to rent, lease or lease or, unless expressly stipulated in this Agreement, otherwise authorize third parties to use the service or documentation; (b) to use the service to provide services to third parties as a service office or in a manner contrary to existing legislation; (c) bypass or disable the service`s technological or security features or measures, or attempt to examine, scan or test the vulnerability of a network or system, or to violate security or authentication measures; (d) make online or making available information or documents that unlawfully infringe, defamatory, offensive, obscene, obscene or to the privacy or intellectual property rights of a third party; (e) use the service to harm, threaten or harass another person or organization; or (f) to send, store or distribute viruses, worms, Trojans or other malware codes or components that are harmful to a network or system. You do not copy, reproduce, edit, translate, recompil, decompil, decompil, decompose, unfold, fold or create works derived from client software, nor will you provide, disclose or provide client software to third parties, except that you can only make a copy of the client software for backup and archiving purposes. They will not change or remove any mention of trademarks, copyrights or other property references that appear in part of the documentation or client software and contain all of these references to copies.