Compliance Agreement Pdf

The agreement to promote compliance with international conservation and management measures by deep-sea fishing vessels aims to strengthen the role of flag states and to ensure that a state strengthens its control over its vessels to ensure compliance with international conservation and management measures. The compliance agreement also aims to prevent the “re-start” of vessels fishing on the high seas under the flag of States that are unable or unable to implement international fisheries conservation and management measures. The status of the compliance agreement is available here and the agreement itself is available here. Records of fishing vessels, international cooperation and enforcement are largely covered by the provisions of the agreement. The compliance agreement was approved by the FAO conference at its 27th session in November 1993 and came into force on 24 April 2003, following the filing of the 25th adoption instrument with the FAO Director-General. It acknowledges the special responsibility of flag states to ensure that none of their vessels fish on the high seas if it is not authorized and that they can effectively discharge their responsibilities in respect of compliance with international measures taken by their vessels.