Windows Server 2016 Standard License Agreement

g. Additional functionality. Microsoft can provide additional features for the software. Other conditions and licence charges may be generated. This contract applies to your use of previous versions of the above editions. To avoid any doubt by choosing this demotion option: (i) You do not have the right to create, store or use more instances of the software than is authorized by this Contract, and (ii) you must purchase licenses for all the nuclei of the physical server in accordance with section 2 of this Contract. If the previous version contains different components that are not included in this Contract, the conditions associated with these components in the previous version of these editions apply to your use. Microsoft is not obligated to provide you with previous versions or other editions. You can replace an earlier version or edition with this version and the software edition at any time. · an instance of the server software in a physical environment of the operating system, Until the configuration is corrected, the software can be run for 21 calendar days before the shutdown. During this 21-day period, you can make the necessary corrections to your configuration in order to meet these licensing conditions. If, on September 30, 2019 or at the expiry of the SA`s validity period, the customer creates and manages for authorized licenses a data set of the physical hardware and configuration of the licensed server to which its eligible licenses are granted (either with the microsoft Software Inventory Logging Tool or equivalent software), the customer is entitled to , for basic indeterminate licenses, windows Server 2016 to go beyond full basic licenses (“additional basic license”).

For the purposes of this section, “stacked license” is an authorized license assigned to a licensed server that exceeds the minimum number required to run the server`s software on that server. · Additional software that can only be used with server software. · The number of server software instances you run for each server to which you have assigned the required number of basic licenses, as provided in Section 2.b, up to two instances of server software in the virtual environments of the operating system (one instance per virtual operating environment) and d. Windows Server 2016 Essentials Connector. You can install and use Windows Server Connecting Software 2016 on no more than 50 customer devices at the same time.